About The Trust

In 1979, the Ta’aleemul Islam Trust was established with the goal of providing professional education with moral background that empowers students through a humanizing and liberating process, to be agents of transformation and development, at different level of life. It successfully developed a vibrant residential campus, offering education from Nursery level to college level. The Trust was founded with a clear vision and pursued various missions to achieve its objectives.
The foundation stone of Wadihuda Complex was laid by Moidu Maulavi on Feb 28, 1980, in the village of Madayi aimed to offer education across different proficiency levels, foster social awareness, elevate educational and socio-economic standards in the nearby regions, and foster the comprehensive development of the community.
The pivotal role in nurturing education as a paramount force in the surrounding community was played by the educational institution. It not only imparted knowledge but also shaped the character and values of the students, and instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards society and their roots. This establishment was not just a centre of learning, but a crucible of knowledge and culture.
To realize an ideal societal vision, education plays the most vital role in illuminating minds. It is through comprehensive and effective education that we can mold individuals into enlightened citizens, capable of contributing significantly to the betterment of society.
Over the past forty-three years, we have embarked on a journey filled with excitement. Each day brings forth new opportunities, promises, expectations, and discoveries