About Wadihuda Academe

Welcome to Wadihuda Academe

WADIHUDA WOMENS ACADEMe (WWA) is one of the maiden attempts of Ta’aleemul Islam Trust, Kannur made towards spreading education in the society. Formerly it was known as Wadinnoor Islamic College.
It is a delegator step towards creating an ideal woman who can lead a generation into the success with the deep wakefulness that she got from the campus. As our vision envisages becoming a centre of excellence that natures leaders to develop an ideal society is not that easy task, we know. But we strive to make it happen. Absorbing energy from the rich and glorious tradition of our ideology, WWA tries to make our unique vision a reality.
WWA gives wings to the dreams of our students. Our well selected team is in full swing in the real practical working state. With a strong curriculum and syllabus, WWA’s focus is always on the practical side of education.
WWA believes in the spiritual being of human being. Our responsibility to the community is really very big. Bearing that in mind WWA strives for a better future of not only the students but also the parents and all those who are working in WWA. Well experienced scholars, specially selected faculty and well set team of academicians make WWA campus a very unique centre of synthesis of knowledge.

At present, we are providing the following courses.

H.S Courses –Afdalul Ulama Preliminary

UG Courses-BA English, BA Psychology, B.Com, BA Arabic

At present, we are providing the following facilities

Hostel: We provide budget oriented Hostel facility for the students. An expert warden mentors the students in their daily activities

Transportation: The campus provides ample conveyance for students and staff from the nearest town and none needs to worry about the transportation

Library: The Library is arranged in a beautiful structure and serves as an excellent academic gear for the intellectual growth of students.

Activities: An expert team of female faculty trains the students in Badminton, Tailoring, Fashion designing, Arts and Craft , Arabic and English DTP and Calligraphy. We also used to conduct the premarital counseling workshops for our students.

In the nearest future, we are planning to start the special training in Driving, Cooking, Photography, and Organic Farming for our students. Preparation for starting these training is going on.